Better Baths

As seen in Home Remodeling: Cape Cod & The Islands:

It has been increasingly common for homeowners to request “green” remodels. This means for the remodel to be as environmentally friendly during both the remodel itself and in its final form.

For the remodel of two bathrooms in a 1950’s home, Wilkinson Design + Construction (WDC) was instructed to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. To begin, both bathrooms were torn down to be reframed and to update the plumbing to meet current codes. One of the bathrooms did not feature any windows, so to add some natural light, they installed a skylight over the shower. To be environmentally friendly, this skylight was taken from the kitchen, which was also being remodeled.

Both bathrooms feature new Marmoleum floors, which is made from natural materials and contains no toxic chemicals. “Plyboo” was used for trim as well as built in cabinets. This material is highly sustainable and the light color helped boost the brightness of the rooms. The countertops and shower tiles were both manufactured from recycles materials.