Respectful Remodel

As seen in Home Remodeling: Cape Cod & The Islands:

Wilkinson Design + Construction (WDC) was hired to do construction for the renovation of a 19th-century sea captains home in Harwich Port, MA. WDC worked closely with the clients and the architect to deliver a complete remodel that would modernize it while still maintaining the integrity of its antique design.

With the kitchen being the heart in any home, the owners requested that they wanted a warm, welcoming kitchen that allowed views of their backyard. Pav was able to execute this by using many large windows to brighten up the room and create a seamless integration between the interior and exterior spaces. With the addition of these windows, Pav had to strategically relocate the cabinets so the homeowners would still have a proper amount of kitchen storage space.

A challenge that they faced throughout the renovation was maintaining many of the original designs. They were able to resolve this by working with a coloring consultant / decorating contractor to match many of the colors and materials that were used in the home’s construction in 1857.

While remodeling the master bedroom, Pav wanted to maintain the unique gable lines that many antique homes have. They were able to embrace these features and make them work with the design of the bedroom in a way that allowed them to modernize the room while still maintaining the antique feel.

Due to the age of the house, the upstairs bathroom floor had begun to slant with a difference of seven inches from one side of the room to the other. To fix this WDC raised the entire bathroom floor. By doing this it also made it easier for them to install radiant floor heating, which was requested by the homeowners.

Through collaboration by the clients, WDC, and an architect, they were able to modernize this 19th-century home while maintaining its core antique designs.