Design+ Program

Dear Client,

Thank you for your confidence in Wilkinson Design+Construction, Inc. and our Design+ Program. Working as a team, we can enhance the aesthetics of all your construction needs in a cost-effective way. Our design process begins with a Design scope of work. The fees for the design phase are billed according to a payment plan we will provide to you. Historical data shows that design fees generally average 8 to 10 percent of the project’s final cost.


What is the Design+ Program?

Return to the time-honored approach of the Master Builder, where a single source has absolute accountability for both design and construction. When the citizens of classical Greece envisioned their great temples, public buildings and civil works, master builders were engaged to both design and construct these monumental structures. Master builders accepted full responsibility for integrating conceptual design with functional performance.”

– The Design Build Institute of America


What does this mean to me?

To be sure, there are certain basic characteristics inherent to the term Design+ Program:  In some capacity, the design/build remodeler has a hand in every element of the remodeling process – from developing the initial design concept to signing off on the final punch list. The design/builder is constantly involved in directing the process while preserving the budget.

The shape that this process ultimately takes can look strikingly different from one company to the next.  Regardless of what form it ultimately takes, the benefits of design/build are evident.  Working together with homeowners to set a budget before any design work is begun allows the remodeler to design a project that is realistic in scope and is practical to build.

This streamlined process puts the selection of your building/remodeling professional at the top of the to-do list. Including your contractor from the start of design allows us to contribute our expertise to the entire project, often at the most crucial budgetary time – the beginning.


Our Design+ Program normally has four phases:


  1. Schematic Design

To get the process started, we measure your existing space and generate as built drawings using Chief Architect CAD (Computer Aided Design Software). A meeting at your home is set to further discuss your needs and desires for the new space. At this meeting, we’ll prioritize the items on your wish list to compile the “program”, to determine the scope of the project. Together we will discuss a preliminary budget; design work proceeds with schematic drawings. Schematic drawings explore basic design concepts, as well as help us determine the best direction to proceed. The schematic design is complete when we have a clear idea of the initial scope and budget, and a mutual understanding of how the project will physically take shape. This phase represents about 20 to 30 percent of the design fee.


  1. Design/Budget Development

The schematic design concepts are developed in plan, section, and elevation. This will require several meetings where you will be asked to make decisions for further project development. When we have a comprehensive set of drawings that satisfy the design and program requirements, we select products and finishes to create a complete set of specifications.   We will use this for pricing. Keep in mind that the design process is circular. Throughout this phase, it may be necessary to continually adjust the program, the scope and/or the budget to a point where everything is compatible. If the scope of the work is increased, for example, the budget will be changed until a final cost is determined and agreed upon. By the end of this phase, you will have approved the final design and the final budget. This segment involves the most meetings with you, and it represents 30 to 40 percent of the design fee.


  1. Construction Documents/Permitting

In this phase, our firm details how the design will be built, creating the construction drawings needed to secure a permit and build the project. We consult with outside experts, such as structural and/or civil engineers, as necessary. Fees for these reimbursable services are billed with your design invoices, and vary depending on the complexity of the project. At the end of this phase, we’ll present you with a complete set of permit drawings and product specifications. This phase, representing about 30 to 40 percent of the design fee, requires very little of your time, but a lot of our attention to detail.


  1. Construction Administration

Design work could continue during the construction phase of your project in the form of periodic site visits and field management, product ordering, and delivery coordination. Design work related to unforeseen field conditions or client-directed change orders is billable. These variables generally represent less than 5 percent of the design fee.


Like any process, the time it takes to complete the project will vary according to its complexity.

Concurrent workload in the design department, client and employee vacations, permit jurisdictions, and subcontracted design work (i.e. engineering) can affect the duration of the design process. Often, some of these phases can be combined to accelerate the overall process.

Please call us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.



Pav Wilkinson

Wilkinson Design+Construction, Inc.