I have worked with Pav Wilkinson and Wilkinson Design & Construction on two full house remodels, and one partial remodel.  His design work is creative and thoughtful and was enormously helpful to me, as the properties I remodeled needed to have space completely reworked, including moving walls and redesigning the floor plans.

He was easy and empowering in his mood, suggestions and flexibility.  This was important because throughout the construction process we often needed to make changes.

It is hard to underestimate the value of a contractor who has a strong relationship with the city planners. Pav’s easy way with the planning departments always seemed to make the permit process go smoothly. This is, of course, in part due to the quality of his workmanship, as well as his professional demeanor.

One further note to make is that I have asked Pav to help me assess the condition of homes I have considered buying.  I have found that his knowledge of the residential construction industry, including current codes and restrictions, to be incredibly comprehensive.  On top of that he has the ability to walk a property and fairly quickly ascertain the problem areas that will need attention.  In several instances I can safely say that his competence has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars because I have chosen not to buy something on his advice, and thereby avoided a costly investment in a bad house.

I do not hesitate to recommend Pav Wilkinson.

Tammy White

Timing was good, as we had just celebrated the one-year anniversary of the completion of the kitchen (and so much more) project, reminding ourselves of how happy we are with the work that you and your team did.  Thank you very much!

Hugh & Kaneez Davies

Thanks is such a small word for the wonderful addition you built with care, precision and honesty. The added bonus is your friendship.

Nancy & Harold Thoma

I want you to know how delighted I am. The finished projects is everything I hoped it would be and more, because there were things I could not imagine or anticipate without your experience and skills. Both of you were wonderfully collaborative during the design phase, patient and understanding of my nervousness about embarking on such an ambitious project. You were by no means the first company I approached, I need to look no further next time I have a project worthy of the scope and quality of what you offer.

Barbara Ravage

If you are considering a remodeling project, we suggest you choose Wilkinson Design & Construction Inc. We are glad we did and think you will be too.

Dave & Judy Rogers

The work was done on a timely basis, in a tidy and efficient manner….and was performed to high quality standards. The result is an aesthetically pleasing, professionally rendered project.

Frederica Bunge

I have dealt with many contracting companies in my time. I can truly say that your company is one of the best: Good workmanship, timely and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to future customers.

Merwin Fong

Remodeling work is never simple, and the level of workmanship and skill that is exhibited by the finished product is something of which you can all be proud – again many thanks.

Frederick J Klemeyer, Jr. AIA/FCSI

We couldn’t more strongly recommend Wilkinson Design & Construction.

Howard & Victoria Rodkin

I greatly valued the responsiveness and generous spirit you displayed throughout the project

Julia Duvall

Wilkinson Design + Construction is a real pleasure to work with, and to watch them work, and even to pay them. Pav and his team work efficiently and cleanly and they are meticulous in all things. Also on-time and on-budget… and, to a client / owner very-importantly, Pav is really good at paperwork and communication…

It is great to be able to do email efficiently with a contractor: that is a significant time-saver for a client — so many contractors nowadays have websites and Facebook pages but still use the landline-fone for their real communication, or far-worse the cellphone, so that voicemail-tag with them becomes a nightmare — and some of them text & even tweet, but there you have no record or one difficult to maintain and consult. Pav however does email, & images & attachments & followups & the rest: so that if you yourself have a complicated & busy schedule, Pav can fit-in with you, and you with Pav, and so the normal wait-times on a project get minimized or even eliminated entirely. He is very efficient. And he understands his own paperwork well: another nightmare with contractors is when they don’t, when they rely on “the office” and so their invoices & receipts & work orders & change orders & permits & all the rest get tangled-up and delayed, too often — Pav understands all this, and his paperwork is clear & concise so that you can understand it too.

The job is what counts, though: Pav did a major all-over siding inspection & repair for us, on our old wood-frame Noe Valley house which we love — along the way he gave us a new front steps, and cured some raccoon-damage, and fixed a few other bumps and bruises the place has endured over its 100+ years, and he is helping us now with the design and installation of an elegant / functional “awning” over our back-door. We spec’ed the work to several, originally, and Pav’s prices were competitive, right in the middle, and his accreditation was sound and up-to-date. And when change-orders came up he explained everything, suggesting alternatives & discussing, all patiently & in-detail & even in-writing: if a contractor’s profession is not your own, “job-site verbal” doesn’t work well— and if you’re busy it’s always nice to get back to that “writing”, on your own time, to be sure you understand what was said — Pav is good about providing that.

So we recommend Wilkinson Design + Construction, very highly. Give him a chance with any job — he’ll tell you if he can’t handle it, and find someone else for you who can — and if he takes yours on he’ll finish it, on-time and on-budget.

Jack Kessler